View the ASAS online case library as a powerpoint in your web browser, but with built-in medical image viewing software, interactive questions, and a large library of additional information.

Log in or click on Guest Access to get an overview of the case database. You can read more about the advantages of a registration below.

Each case consists of several series. A series can contain medical history data, clinical information or laboratory results, and of course images. Images are X-rays, CT or MRI images. In the case of CT sections or MRI sequences, all images are always displayed as image stacks. These can be browsed with the horizontal slider at the bottom of the screen.

In addition to text or image series, questions are also part of the icon bar at the bottom of the screen. These control the learning process and point out special features of the case. While most questions are optional, some questions must be answered in order to navigate the case further. When answering questions, it should be noted that the dialog box is only closed by pressing the "Send" button and the answer is only then evaluated. Each question, however, can only be answered once.

After questions have been answered, explanations of the correct solution and, if necessary, additional information are displayed. These appear in a slider on the left edge of the screen. Embedded images of this slider can be enlarged with a mouse click.

At the top right there are a back button with the inscription "Library" as well as three special keys: - The split-screen button allows the simultaneous display of two image series. Display one image series, click on the split screen button, then click on another image series. Both series can be scrolled synchronously, if needed. - The overlay button fades in markers within the medical images, if those are provided. This button turns white when overlay data is available. It is displayed in yellow if these overlays have been activated. - The help button explains all screen elements in short form.

Why register for the ASAS online case library? With the registration you can keep a better overview of your learning progress. Furthermore, you have the possibility to send comments to the administrators and the scientific committee about the use of the web app and the cases. In addition, you will be informed as soon as new cases are added.

And now have lots of fun with the ASAS online case library!